S-Band Antenna
January 18, 2019
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UHF-Based Educational Module

The Free Space Demo Module simulates a wide variety of communication scenarios in UHF, S and X-band and features two real UHF transceivers and a Free Space Module, capable of varying all relevant parameters of the link and delivering cutting-edge realistic RF exercise

  • Operating frequency bandwidth: 430-450 MHz (physical);
  • 2000-2500 MHz; 8025-8400 MHz (simulated);
  • UHF(physical), S-band and X-band links;
  • Change of the parameters of the receiving and transmitting sides such as gains, feeder losses and power;
  • Simulation of free space losses and additional (atmospheric, polarization etc.) losses;
  • External interference and jamming (either by monochromatic source or by an external noise generator);
  • Doppler effect;
  • Different modulation schemes, transmission speeds and packet parameters;

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